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Til Death: 315

Test mile day.  Well actually I probably could have gone further, but we had a birthday party to go to last night, and I was busy putting together my 7 layer dip and helping prep the rest of the food.  I’m almost through with the scene I’m working on.  I’m in a section where I’m working with existing scenes and tweaking them to fit with some adjustments in my plot lines and motivations for my characters, so it’s sometimes slower and more exacting work than just flat starting from scratch.  I’d love to be getting more written, but right now I’m just happy to be writing anything.  My semester of teaching (3 sections) starts tomorrow, and that’s going to severely cut into my free time.  I’m going to have to try to get most of my writing done first thing in the morning and over lunch most days.  I’ll work with what I’ve got and probably set a daily goal of 500 words for a while until I see how things shake out.

I’m not sure if I get some alone time while DH is at band practice today or not.  He’s kinda hung over from last night’s party, so they may not practice.  We’ll see.  Today’s progress will be updated later.


It’s later.  I haven’t gotten very far today.  Hubby didn’t wind up having band practice today, so we’ve moved on to season 7 of Buffy.  I’m at 138 for the day.  Not super, but I finished the scene I was working on and now i’m tweaking the next one, the first with adult Wyatt.  I’ve got to play up that he’s got his own agenda going to Blackbourne Hall, but I’m not quite there yet with the how that’s gonna be expressed.  So I’ll sit on it til tomorrow.

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