Update and A Funny

I’m really busy at work today playing catch up.  As an update on the situation at the evil day job, when I talked to my boss via phone earlier this morning she didn’t say a word about my not calling her back.  So either she forgot about it (possible–she’s got the attention span of a gnat and once the situation is over it’s not on her radar anymore) or her partner (who is awesome) gave her shit about being unreasonable.  I didn’t bring it up.

My previous boss, who is made of awesome, is doing some post-doc work here this summer, and we just went to lunch to catch up, and that was really great.  Now I’m about to be up to my eyeballs in editing a paper.

In lieu of scintillating content from me today, I direct you to Bookgasm’s 50 Reasons No One Wants to Publish Your First Book.  I particularly like # 3, 17, 32, 33, and 44.

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