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Due to a snafu with the autorenewal of my domain, I spent the bulk of time I would ordinarily have used writing some potentially scintillating post working instead on getting my site back up and running correctly.  So in lieu of my own words this morning, I wanted to direct you do a couple of different resources I’ve stumbled across via Twitter this week.

The first is Larry Brooks’ blog Storyfix.com.  Now what I like about his series on story structure is that he’s taking tired, rehashed material relating to craft and story architecture and presenting it in a way that’s new and interesting, in language I find entertaining.

That’s as far as he’s gotten as of today, but seriously, you should subscribe to his feed.  It’s awesome info.

Then I’d like to turn you to Warriorwriter’s Blog (maintained by Kristen Lamb).  This blog is written by someone who attended Bob Mayer’s Warrior Writer class and is being kind enough to share some of his experience and information.

There are other posts there, but it was the Seven Deadly Sins of Writing that really caught my attention.


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  1. Thanks Kait! These are fantastic links. I recently read about Bob’s course over at Romance University and am keen to know more about it.

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