Sargento Cheese Tasting

Boy do I have egg on my face.  This was supposed to go up by the 15th and I totally mis-scheduled it.  Oops.  Sorry Foodbuzz!  In any event, via the Foodbuzz Tastemakers program, I got chosen to receive a $25 gift card to put on a cheese tasting with Sargento cheese.  How awesome is that?  LOTS OF CHEESE.  Cheese is one of my favorite foods and there are seldom fewer than 7 varieties in my fridge.  Technically we were supposed to be comparing Sargento cheese with processed cheese products, but y’all, I live in a small town.  The only processed cheese products we’ve got is blocks of Velveeta and those plastic wrapped cheese slices.  And the only Sargento cheeses available were all slices rather than blocks.  I was not deterred however!  I picked up Pepper Jack, Aged Swiss, Reduced Fat Colby Jack, Sharp Cheddar, and Smoked Provolone to try.  To accompany, I grabbed some Pepperidge Farm Beef Summer Sausage and some Multigrain crackers. We also put together a veggie and fruit tray to balance out the grazing.

I have nothing but good things to say about this cheese.  Apart from the fact that it pairs well with everything, each slice is simply bursting with flavor.  None of this drab mild cheddar.  This is cheese where you can actually tell what flavor you’re eating if you were blindfolded.  The aged Swiss, OMG, I can’t wait to melt that over some French onion soup.  My hubs and I tried the pepper jack on mexi-burgers and it was amazing.  Even the reduced fat colby jack was delicious and absolutely retained the proper cheese texture and taste (not all reduced fat products do).  The sharp cheddar with the summer sausage–wooooo buddy, it was fantastic.  And I can’t wait to try the rest of that provalone in my baked ziti.  All in all I am impressed by the range of flavors in Sargento cheeses, and I’ll absolutely be buying them again.

5 thoughts on “Sargento Cheese Tasting

  1. Man, I’ve got to learn not to read your blog while I’m at work. Not for the obvious reasons, but because I can’t skip out to go get some cheese!

    Like you I’m a cheese junkie. Thank goodness for my local Dillons Marketplace, that puts out samples of the more “exotic” cheeses for shoppers to try. I’ll have to check out the Sargento selection next time I’m in the store.


  2. You’re making me hungry. Luckily, it’s lunch time.

    I love Sargento cheese. Years ago, they weren’t as good as, say, Kraft, but that changed through the years. I need to go try some of the flavors I haven’t gotten around to yet. Smoked Provolone…mmmmmm.

    So how do you get in on this Foodbuzz thing???

  3. I completely understand small stores. It’s really hard to go to a grocery store with a list of ingredients I want to cook. Instead I have to go to the store and make my menu when I see what’s available. Love when I can get to a big store and really cook.

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