Mid-Week Check-In

It’s raining today.  All gray and dark and the LAST thing I wanted to do was leave my cozy cocoon in bed to actually get up and work out.  But I managed to drag myself out in time to do my weights at least.  It’s one of those rare days I’m wearing my glasses instead […]

What I Want In A Heroine

I’m headed home today so one more rerun before we’re back to our regularly scheduled blogging. *** I’ve been reading several novels based around characters in the WITSEC program.  One of the ones I requested arrived this weekend through interlibrary loan, and I started reading through it last night.  It was a romance put out […]

Underutilization of Villains

Since I’m still out of town and short on time, I’m doing reruns the next couple of days, highlighting some of my older posts. *** I am fascinated with villains. It fits in neatly with my love of psychological profiling. Villains are far more interesting on that front. I won’t say that I love them […]

Where Are The Parents In YA?

“Anyone can write in dead parents. It takes guts to make adult children deal with living parents.” This marvelous quote came from this article over at Fantasy Faction.  Somebody tweeted it yesterday and I was immediately like WIN!  This is something I have totally changed my opinion about since I first started writing when I […]

What I’d Like To See Out of NBC’s Grimm

So Grimm got picked up for a full season.  This makes me happy because I think the show has a lot of potential and now they have the opportunity to develop it beyond the awkward adolescence of a 6 episode pilot season.  But as I said in a previous post, if the writers behind Grimm […]

Thinking About Series and Sequels

The Red launch blog tour continues today over with the awesome Mundie Moms!  I’m talking about why YA really ISN’T too dark for teens. One thing that has continued to surprise me since I released Red is how many people want or expect a sequel.  Once I get past being totally flattered that they love […]

Challenges of Writing YA

As I’ve been stumbling along in lurching steps toward THE END, I’ve been reflecting lately on how different and challenging it has been to write a YA.  Red is the first YA book I have written since I WAS a young adult.  While in some respects it’s been easy (it’s shockingly easy to go back […]