I Can No Haz Brain

Y’all I am buried under lectures just now and am pretty sure I haven’t had a creative thought in days.  In lieu of scintillating wisdom or hilarity, I offer you a video instead. :shamelessly swiped from K. A. Stewart:

A Little Fun

So I’m home sick today with a massive sinus headache.  Until someone kindly removes the hatchet buried between my eyes and the pick axe buried in my neck, I’m having trouble thinking, so for your enjoyment I am sending you to the Paranormal Romance generator, shamelessly swiped from The Generator Blog. A few examples: He’s […]

Midweek Belly Laugh

I am neckdeep in calculating final grades and processing a plagiarist (seriously, if you’re going to take the time to plagiarise from five different sources, is it really that much more trouble to actually cite them correctly?), so in lieu of my own thoughts, I am passing you on to this most hilarious rendition of […]

Back From Weekend In The Woods

I spent my weekend in south Mississippi at Desoto State Park at an Adventure Riders motorcycle rally.  That’s me on the yellow bike.  See how tiny I am compared to our friend Michael? We very nearly didn’t go.  Hubby called Thursday afternoon saying we weren’t, that the fix for his rear brakes was going to […]

Video Stuff

Okay I’m uber busy today working on getting things together to leave for the annual work conference later today, so instead I will leave you with video entertainment. Last night was my first ever lesson on a motorcycle.  Hubby felt compelled to film it.  We both feel compelled to mention that the dogs on the […]

Buffy Vs. Edward

Whoever made this is a personal hero. Sadly I cannot embed it, but please, go watch.  It is made of awesome. http://blip.tv/file/2261825/ Ah ha!  Thank you to Not Edward for providing me with the YouTube link so I CAN embed it.  You are also made of awesome. . Is that not hilarious?  Edward always struck […]

Update and A Funny

I’m really busy at work today playing catch up.  As an update on the situation at the evil day job, when I talked to my boss via phone earlier this morning she didn’t say a word about my not calling her back.  So either she forgot about it (possible–she’s got the attention span of a […]

5 Favorite Movie Kisses

This is all Pot’s fault.  She’s been watching Veronica Mars again, and sighing about Veronica and Logan’s first kiss, which sent me to YouTube to watch it again because I also love that kiss…  And then I decided I might as well do a post of my 5 favorites.  There are certainly other favorite kisses.  […]