Holiday Sale on RED

I freaking LOVE the holidays.  All the good food.  Finding the perfect gift.  The theoretically colder weather (though I’ve totally been wearing T-shirts all week and Turkey Day is in 2 days).  I officially broke out my Charlie Brown Christmas station on Pandora yesterday, and if my office wasn’t filled literally to the ceiling with […]

More Thoughts on NBC’s Grimm

I already talked about my thoughts on the pilot for Grimm.  Now we’ve had a full three episodes to get past that pilot episode adolescence and really begin getting into what the show is going to be.  I have to say, as a viewer, I’m pretty happy with Grimm.  It seems like Nick has adjusted […]

Happy Making Things and #ROW80 Check In

First the happy making. Yesterday on Twitter this was posted:!/SmartBitches/status/126354272488132608 then this:!/NR_Lines/status/126355319432552448 then this:!/SmartBitches/status/126357832873422848 EEEP!  This is both exciting and kind of terrifying because OMG that’s SARAH WENDELL and somebody recommended me to her!  (Thanks Naomi!)  And as far as I can tell, I am the only one on the list who […]

Sunday Summary

I’ve been at my mom’s all weekend showing off my prowess at hanging pictures, shelves, and every manner of accessory known to man.  After 16 moves, I OUGHT to be good at it.  She moved about a month ago and is still getting things sorted out. Looking over yesterday’s poll results, they absolutely bear out […]

Revised Book Trailer

Okay, so I decided I wasn’t happy with my first book trailer.  The narrator guy had a lovely voice, but his tone was just all wrong.  If I’d written the next great romantic comedy, I think he’d have been perfect, but as we all know, romantic COMEDY Red is not.  So I have a NEW […]


So after Susan made her lovely post announcing the forthcoming release of the much-awaited Heroes ‘Til Curfew, I decided to shamelessly swipe her idea of creating a sharable badge that peeps who liked Red could use on their blog or Facebook or whatever. You get two choices.  One is just the very professional, straight up […]

Sunday Summary, #ROW80 and Operation G.I.T.

Well let’s just get the admissions out of the way first: I have just been epic fail on my Riven goals this week.  I have been kicking butt and taking names on organizing my blog tour and doing all the promo stuff for Red, so that’s something. Regarding Operation G.I.T., I had a full on […]