Midweek #ROW80 Update

So Riven is out to CPs again.  My one normal reader beta finished already and gave two thumbs up.  So that was a nice boost. I’m making some good progress on Be Careful, It’s My Heart.  Haven’t quite gotten back to the near 1k a day I was averaging on the Riven revision, but immersing myself in the […]

Sunday Summary and #ROW80 Update

Another marathon session at the coffeeshop saw me knocking out line edits on Riven yesterday.  It’s gone back to CPs and to a beta reader.  Unless they find something that doesn’t make sense or any typos and such that I overlooked, I feel like it’s pretty well finished.  We’ll see if my objectivity has been restored. […]

Weapons of Mass Writing Destruction

“That.”   It’s such an innocuous sort of word.  You don’t think it’s a big deal, that it’s doing that much damage.  You sprinkle it in, probably like you talk, all through your manuscript.  Like salt.   And like salt, it can quickly get overwhelming.  Become the kneejerk seasoning for the whole thing, until all […]

Midweek #ROW80 Check-In

I finished Revision Hell on Riven on Sunday. Since Monday, I have finished re-recording the three lectures that got screwed up; created test banks for 8 more chapters; set up practice tests, quizzes, unit exams, and the final; set release dates for EVERYTHING; and generally continued to turn my brain into so much mush. So I haven’t […]

End of Revision Hell

  After a brutal 2 day push this weekend and nearly 4,000 new words, I have finished with the second draft of Riven.  I am now a puddle of rather useless brain goo. Tomorrow begins the less brain intensive pass for stupid crap, redundant words, excessive use of “that” and “like” and the various other assorted […]

Sunday Summary and #ROW80 Update

I’m getting a late start to the writing portion of my day.  After yesterday’s marathon at the coffee shop, this morning I had to do housekeeping stuff like laundry, a run to the grocery (in the next town over, as the students are back and the shelves here are totally wiped out), dishes, and such. […]

Coffeeshop Revision Cave

I feel like I’ve forgotten to post more and more often over the summer.  Some of it is because I haven’t had a lot to talk about.  But more it’s that I’ve been so flipping busy.  I’m hoping that is going to slow down here soon.  See, since January I’ve been busting my hump to […]

Midweek #ROW80 Check-In

It’s been a busy busy week already. Yesterday Daisy had her neurology follow up, so I spent the first several hours of my day up there with her.  She got a good report and possibly I lost all sensation in my fanny from sitting on the hard floor with her for 3 hours.  I could’ve […]

Sunday Summary and #ROW80 Update

So.  Much.  Food.  Hubby has ended up having three birthday dinners this week.  Three rounds of red velvet cheesecake shooters (which were amazeballs).  Nachos for one meal.  Mexican last night. My ranch pork chops and veggies for his ACTUAL birthday.  And I made sour cream blueberry muffins this morning, which were also fabulous.  I’m looking […]