On Getting It “Right”

Once upon a time, in the days before the internet, research was hard.  You did it all via books or interviews.  And if you couldn’t find a source…well, you made it up and hoped for the best.  Depending on what you wrote, the percentage of your audience who KNOW you flagrantly made stuff up about […]

Midweek #ROW80 Check-In

First check-in of Round 4.  Been going for only 2 days and usually I don’t have a lot to report.  My focus has been on Be Careful lately.  I’m so close to finishing, and I’ve hit that stretch for the end where I keenly feel the suck I have imposed upon my heroine, so I want to […]

Protecting Your Space To Think

I’ve been giving some thought the last couple of weeks to the idea of self protection as writers.  I’ve talked before about how you don’t FIND the time to write, you MAKE it, and you protect it with all the psychotic ferocity of a honey badger.  Which is a necessary thing given that you do […]

I Write Like…

I had lunch with my local writer pal yesterday, and she told me about a website where you could chuck in some of what you’ve written and it’ll do some kind of textual analysis and tell you what famous writer you write like.  So for fun, I threw a BUNCH of stuff into it this […]

Sunday Summary and #ROW80 Update

OMG.  So.  Tired. We had an unexpected guest last night.  Hubs was up in the wee hours taking pics of the lightning during the storm, and this little pug comes up, terrified, and bolted right on into the house.  So he wakes me up to see if I recognized the dog (I didn’t), tried calling […]

Midweek #ROW80 Check-in and Amazon’s Going To Monetize Fanfic?

So the Hammer and Gobsmacker are still working their way through Riven.  I’m not bleeding too badly yet.  There’s nothing being mentioned that I didn’t kind of expect. While I’m waiting on that, I’m up to my ears in historical research, dipping into all kinds of interesting stuff, figuring out what I want to keep, what […]

How Plotting Is Like Pantsing…In Fast Forward

I love discussing process with people (and by people, I mean other writers).  It’s one of my favorite forms of shop talk.  Everybody has their own method, and it’s cool to share those methods and see what you can pick up from somebody else that will help out your own process.  Claire and I got […]

Sunday Summary and #ROW80 Update

I kept meaning to post today, really I did, and now it’s totally time for bed. We’ve been watching Jack Reacher.  Which I have actually really enjoyed.  It’s been more like Ethan Hunt as Jack Reacher rather than actually Jack Reacher, but it’s not as big a travesty as I was afraid of.  I’ve been mostly […]

Catching Up and A Guest Post

I’m not sure what it says that it’s taken me TWO DAYS to get the Benedryl out of my system from the epic allergy attack I had on Thursday.   Anyway, slept in this morning and spent a lot of time mulling over some world logic in Riven, thinking about a possible new direction for another […]