Whole 30 Day 3 and a ROW80 Progress Report

It’s been a rough transition back to work this week.  There’s no such thing as a slow start…it’s like jumping headfirst into the deep end of a pool and being electrocuted.  My uncaffeinated brain hasn’t been dealing too well with that (not that caffeine is verboten on Whole 30, but everything that goes in my […]

Manifesting the Positive in 2016

Welcome to 2016. It really won’t feel like the new year for me until Monday, when I dive into the new/old routine that is daily life.  I’ve enjoyed my holiday, gotten some rest and some quiet.  Done some reading (knocked out Tawna Fenske’s latest, The Fix Up and Tara Sivec’s Seduction and Snacks, both of which were […]

Final ROW80 Round 4 Progress Report

I meant to do this on the 24th but I was writing down to the wire before company arrived and left myself with only 45 minutes to do everything I’d blown off so that I could finish what I was doing.  Company’s gone now and I’m enjoying the glorious quiet, while my dogs snooze on […]

Post NaNo Dig Out and Christmas Prep

We had a good, hard frost this morning.  This is a sign we’re heading on into my favorite time of year.  No, I don’t mean Christmas.  I mean all the stuff I’m allergic to is going to stop growing and for the next three months, I’ll be able to breathe!  Also, I’ll look fetching in […]

Sunday Summary and #ROW80 Check-In

I had something of a crisis of writer faith this week.  One of those panicked points where I worry that nothing I’m working on right now is…well, working.  This makes me particularly paranoid because the last book I was this invested in was Daughter of the Hunt, which was a hot mess and I didn’t realize […]

Ashamed of My Shame

*Image by Carlos Portos Y’all, I kind of hate myself this morning. I need to back up and give context.  So one of my evil day jobs is as an online college instructor in psychology.  I’ve been doing this for…nine years now?  Anyway, from time to time, the university requires that the teachers take a […]

Sunday Summary and #ROW80 Progress Report

I am officially ready to move into a bubble.  After last week’s cold, I ended up with a 24 hour stomach bug Thursday of THIS week.  I have since bought more probiotics and immune booster vitamins in gummy form (because I’m a lot more likely to take my vitamins if they’re gummies).  Also got my […]

Sunday Summary and #ROW80 Progress Report

With the exception of a couple of forays out for supplies, I have been in my pajamas, sitting in my favorite chair with a cold.  Usually when I’m home sick, I end up binging on period drama–it’s how I got through the first three seasons of Downton Abbey.  But that wasn’t what I was in […]

End of Round 3 of #ROW80

So what the heck were my goals this round?  I hardly remember. Write at least 20 out of every 30 days (oldie but goodie). Yep, did this.  Cranked out 79,130 words.  Of that, just under 19k was plotting on various projects, so I guess that left me just over 60k of prose. Write, revise, and prepare […]

Operation Goddess In Training: Yoga

Yoga is something I got into back in college.  Life back then (when I had that miraculous thing called FREE TIME) meant taekwondo three days a week, weights, running, and yoga twice a week with Gigi (oh how I adored Gigi–who, despite being blonde, was not the perky cheerleader type her name suggested).  That was […]